Thursday, May 13, 2010

central park

When visiting Yasmine last November..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

rebel love


So today I was finally able to play with my new Canon Rebel, and let me tell you.. I absolutely love it! Honestly, I couldn't put the darn thing down..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Some of my most favorite photos taken with my holga are from that very first roll of film I shot last spring. It just so happens that in these same photos are some of my most favorite things in life.. like gelato and bikes and parks on a sunny day.. not to mention one of my most favorite lady's in the world.

slide film - cross processed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

in the garden

I recently shot a bunch of film right in the backyard. This strange little guy has been sitting in our garden for years but it was just recently that I really took notice of him.

simplicity is perfection

In the past year or so I have added photography to my list of favorite things. More recently I've become pretty intrigued with medium format photography and decided to pick up a holga. Oh, the holga.. There are so many things to love about this plastic toy camera. For me it's all about the simplicity. It's the natural and unrefined imagery I get using this camera that keeps me going back for more. The thing about the holga is that you can't control the majority of how your images will come out. You can do your best to try.. but basically you never know what you're going to get until your film is developed. Instead of you controlling the end result, the camera itself and the film being used determines the fate of the image.. I kinda like that. To me it's pure freedom.. freedom to be a little out of focus, freedom to not have the perfect composition, freedom to let light leaks roam across your images as they will, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to have fun, freedom to be a kid a again. This is why I fell in love with the camera and this type of photography.

I plan on sharing some of my film and digital photography as much as I can. Posting some new, some old, some out of focus, some just completely random..